Nationwide operations center san antonio
Nationwide Insurance's new San Antonio Operations Center stands out among the many service centers in the San Antonio area, by offering an employee-focused approach to its facility with amenities to attract, develop, and retain talented associates.

Preserving existing trees on the 32-acre site and using locally quarried limestone in the exterior, helps the facility blend into its natural landscape. The LEED certified project uses recycled water for irrigation and boasts an integrated waste management program that diverts 75-99% of waste materials from landfills.

The large, outside plaza extends the break space and offers an additional option for impromptu gatherings. The open interior layout and views of the exterior increase staff productivity and allow for visual connections throughout the space and to the natural setting outside.

The illuminated canopies create dynamic grand entrances on both sides of the facility, with their dramatic limestone columns and wood-accented awnings adding warmth and interest.

The glass-enclosed central stairwell offers an inviting and transparent connection between the three-stories, encouraging staff to be active and take the stairs rather than using the more out-of-the-way elevators.

The new center supports 24/7 operations and offers training facilities, conferencing spaces, break rooms, lounge areas, and open, flexible workstations with adjustable height surfaces for both sitting and standing options.

The bright and open café and collaboration area offers a comfortable gathering space, with in-house dining and large harvest tables. This social center of the building encourages employee interaction.

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